New Spice for Old Spice Commercials

By now, if you’re in marketing, you’re aware of the big bump Old Spice got from social media.  Get this:  Their commercials—and videos made by consumers to parody those commercials—were viewed 140 million times on YouTube.

It’s 140 and one million now, because I had to see what the fuss is all about.  That’s 141 million free impressions over and above all the media spending Proctor and Gamble does for Old Spice.  It’s got to be a hell of a return on investment on the creative development of the campaign, which is called “Smell like a man, man.”

Think of it.  Old Spice, a rather sleepy brand, I would have thought, is now sort of cool.  Enough for 120,000 people to follow on Twitter.  Enough for people to discuss on Facebook.  Enough for people to spend their good time creating parodies, videotaping them and posting them on YouTube.

Who are these people who have nothing better to do?

It doesn’t matter.  They are ambassadors for P&G.  They are spreading the word about Old Spice without pay.  They are fuelling the fires of brand loyalty and building long-term equity for Old Spice products.

What makes this all even more amazing is the campaign itself is not that funny, to me, anyway.  But I’m not the target market.  And I will have to admit, the commercial I saw had some arresting qualities.

And now, here I am, blogging about it.  It makes me hope the creatives (copywriters and art directors) are getting paid big buckaroos to develop the ad.  And it makes me wish we B2B marketers could find more ways to ride this humongous wave.

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