Inside Job

What’s the number one obstacle for B2B marketers?  Is it achieving more and more with less and less budget?  Is it creating a solid strategy that increases market share in an uncertain market?  Is it estimating and delivering a concrete ROI for all tactics? Is it integrating components of the marketing mix, online and off?

No.  According to a BMI (Business Marketing Institute) survey, the hardest part of B2B marketing is fighting internal battles.  This does not surprise me, since I thought it was the hardest part too.  I kept thinking, “If only I could just do my job without struggling constantly with internal politics.”

But the problem is, that constant struggle is part of the job.  And it may be the toughest part, but B2B marketers must educate others to understand the critical role marketing can play in boosting the profitability of the enterprise.  We must demonstrate this with concrete examples.

We must stop operating in our comfy silos and start taking an active part in thoroughly understanding our company’s ops and finance and whatever else we’ve been avoiding.  We must get critical players from outside our department involved in developing our marketing strategies—maybe even imbed a finance guy in your team like you would a reporter in a foreign war.

Because this IS war.  Business is war.  Hence words like “fight,” “battle,” and “win.”  And our most difficult conflict is often internal, which means we’ve got an inside job to do.

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