Overwhelmingly Different B2B Marketing

Last week I blogged that B2B marketing is not dead, although significantly altered.

I’m much more comfortable with the idea that B2B marketing is truly changed, even though the changes have happened over time.  The Internet piece of the budget pie chart has increased significantly during the last few years.  Everyone seems to be more sophisticated about procuring and using customer data online.  And social media is burgeoning as a vehicle for touching customers and prospects.

So yes.  The B2B world is radically different than it was ten years ago.  Even five years ago.  Even three, before the real take-off of social media.

Here is something I might not have said three years ago:

The Internet is overwhelmingly the main platform for communicating to B2B customers and prospects.

There are so many channels, media, digital advantages that the opportunities are rich.  And it may seem prosaic to make such a pronouncement, but honestly, these things kinda creep up on you until there is absolutely no question.

The days of direct mail, trade shows, face-to-face sales pitches, trade pub advertisements—these are still with us.  But they are no longer the only options available to a B2B marketer.  Our choices are incredibly expanded by the Internet.

And that makes B2B marketing much livelier.  Certainly not dead.

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