Gleeful About Advertising

Okay, so I’m supposed to be blogging about B2B marketing, and the Chevy Glee commercials aired on the Super Bowl game Sunday are about as far from B2B as you can get.

But I can’t help it.  I might just buy a Chevy.  That’s how much I love the commercials.

Let me count the ways.

First, I’m old enough to remember Dinah Shore, all white teeth and smiling eyes, who first sang the song,  “See the USA in your Chevrolet.”  We loved Dinah—she threw us kisses.  We loved whatever brand she loved.  Something for the old folks and Glee is for new folks—every demographic covered.

Second, Chevy’s ad agency was brilliant to reprise the song Glee sang last night.  The music is as upbeat as it gets.  The lyrics conjure up hopeful times.  Everybody’s wearing white.  Optimism abounds.  Our country is great.  It’s patriotic to buy a Chevy!

And really, who doesn’t love a great big glitzy song and dance number?  Stunningly choreographed, beautifully performed.  Isn’t it nice to be entertained while you’re being sold a car?

On top of that, there’s a story line, with humor and suspense.  The good guys will win, of course, and we love to watch them do it.

This commercial is so good it makes you think.  Maybe we could use a little more glamour and shine in B2B, as long as we could demonstrate results.  Of course, that would probably mean a little more budget, too.  Something that would not make our clients gleeful.

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