Love Your Customers

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day, and right now, less than a week after my husband’s triple bypass surgery, I am grateful for his heart in good working condition.  The best Valentine a gal could get.  It makes you think about how you value the people in your life.

I’m not suggesting you should feel the same way about your customers as your spouse. But there is something to be said for really liking your customers enough that you want to make their lives better. For trying to anticipate their needs when it comes to your corner of the world.

When I had a division of GE Capital as a client, I was very impressed by some of the programs they put in place that made the customer’s life easier.  For example, the company surveyed its customers and found that people wished their invoices were formatted differently.  It was simple change to make, and one that garnered them significant good will.  The key was, GE Capital cared enough about their customers to invest in a survey that was more than the usual cursory blather.

Or maybe they were more motivated by making changes that would help them retain their customers.  After all, it’s cheaper to keep customers than to get new ones.  But the bottom line is, you really have to know your customers and what their true needs are.  And you have to try and fulfill their needs through your products, services and the way you conduct business.

That kind of attentiveness to customers is a certain kind of love, if only a love for the bottom line.

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