PR for PR People

Last week I wrote about the battle between Sales and Marketing.  If Sales looks down its nose at Marketing, Marketing looks down its nose at PR.  In fact, pretty much everyone looks down its nose at PR.  At least that’s been my experience.

That’s because the words Public Relations have become synonymous with disingenuous whitewashing for the sake of appearances.  Total lack of substance.  Some kind of devious trick to get people to think you’re something you’re not.

Whoa.  PR people need some PR.

In a article, author Frank Strong quoted Philip Kotler, the revered marketing guru, as writing:

“We have observed that many companies undertake socially responsible actions as public relations gestures. Marketing 3.0 is not about companies doing public relations. It is about companies weaving values into their corporate cultures.”

Some employees are ignorant of their corporate values or see them designed only for public relations.”

“In Marketing 3.0, addressing social challenges should not be viewed only as a tool of public relations…on the contrary companies should act as good corporate citizens and address social problems deeply within their business models.”

See what I mean about the definition of PR and getting people to think you’re something you’re not?

Marketer Philip Kotler seems to have serious disdain for PR.  He’s not the only one.  The letters “PR” stand for “flim-flam” pretty much universally.

The question is, what are PR people going to do about it?

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