QCircuits Staff

Use our knowledge early and often

Every solution we devise is unique, just as your requirements are unique. When you share your business challenges with us early in your process, you benefit from our consultative approach, including planning, forecasting and launch support. And you reap the rewards of:

  • our history of innovation since our founding in 1953, and
  • our experienced workforce, with an average tenure of over 20 years at our plant.

That’s why, when we focus our deep knowledge on your requirements, we deliver solutions that meet your objectives. We’ve been doing that for some of our long-standing customers for over 20 years.

Custom circuit board

Engineered to serve you

Another good reason for early supplier involvement with us is to take advantage of our engineering capabilities:

  • DFM and DFA
  • Design
  • Application
  • Reverse Engineering-obsolete boards and windings
  • Conversion-thru-hole to SMT and electro-mechanical to solid state

Chances are you won't have to reinvent the wheel because we already have the engineering experience you need.

Circuit board

Your supply chain at its most manageable

Our hallmark is delivering outstanding service where others cannot or will not. We can machine a part, have one custom molded, or procure hard-to-find components at the most competitive price. In fact, we'll scour the market for obsolete parts to help you extend your product life cycle and manage end-of-life issues.

While others are inflexible when it comes to logistics, we'll:

  • Manage incoming components to maximize efficiencies and keep costs down,
  • Offer you flexible delivery options of out-bound finished goods,
  • Expedite or "push out" as your demand requires, and
  • Take advantage of transfer opportunities, working with your other vendors to move your product and ensure smooth production transition.

We understand the complexities involved with multiple lead times. We'll even work with you when you require more or less than you contracted for.

Circuit board manufacturing

More flexibility in manufacturing

Our service extends to providing you with the manufacturing production that best suits your requirements:

  • Short run
  • Low volume-high mix, multiple SKUs
  • Mid volume-high mix, multiple SKUs
  • Off-shore or domestic
  • High volume-low mix or single SKU
  • Pilot run/production ramp-up
  • Dedicated line for steady demand products

We're willing to arrange a production process dedicated to your specific needs. Contact us to discuss your project.